Delta 7

Country map of ColombiaColombia's capital city.  Click for more informationMuch of the action in Delta 7 takes place in the exciting port city of Cartagena.  Click for more information.Home to the Colombia's third largest city and home to the infamous Cali Cartel... and one of Delta 7's main character's lair.Much of the novel, Delta 7, takes place in the South American country of Colombia. 

In Chapter Two, you'll read about a young Colombian boy who is kidnapped and pressed into service with the FARC, one of Colombia's most violent guerilla resistance movements. 

Later on in the novel, the main character, John Carter, returns to Colombia in an attempt to unravel a mystery -- one that starts when he meets with an old friend from his time at the US Embassy in Bogotá. 

In the novel, Carter visits Colombia's capital city of Bogotá as well as the port city of Cartagena.

There's also action in several other locations, including Cali, the Guainía Province, and many others.

On this website, you can learn more about Colombia, its violent history, its beauty, and its continuing fight against illegal drug trafficking.