Delta 7
Cali, Colombia

Capital of Colombia's Valle de Cauca Department, Cali is a fast-growing and beautiful city.  For most Americans, when one mentions "Cali," one also combines the city with another word that starts with a "C": Cartel.  After the death of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in 1993, the Medellín Cartel pretty much fell apart and moved to Cali.  Today, there's a lot more going on for this vibrant city than worrying about drug cartels: universities, dance clubs, museums, the historic district... all beckon the visitor.

A lot of the action in Delta 7 takes place in one of the main character's hacienda outside of Cali. 

Although I didn't get to visit Cali during my attaché tour in Colombia--in 1995, the US embassy considered Cali a bit "too hot" for regular visits by embassy personnel--I am able to visit quite regularly these days, as Cali (along with Medellín) are two destinations to which I regularly fly from American Airlines' Miami base.


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