Delta 7

Near the beginning of the novel, Delta 7's main character visits the island nation of Grenada, located in the southeastern part of the Caribbean.  One of the novel's central characters is a native of this enchanting island.  This fictional character is a high-ranking member of the Grenadian Defense Force.

While assigned as an attaché in Venezuela, I was also diplomatically accredited to Grenada and several other Caribbean nations.  I can honestly say that I found the Grenadian people to be some of the most friendly and hospitable people in the world!

Flag of Grenada

Grenadian Flag

The 1983 US invasion of Grenada, called "Urgent Fury," is mentioned in my novel.  I remember attending several diplomatic functions commemorating the US intervention while visiting in my official capacity as an attaché back in the mid 1990s.  At the time, I was surprised to learn that many Grenadians were genuinely appreciative of that military action.    In fact, the invasion is still commemorated each year in a national holiday known as "Thanksgiving Day."

Since Grenada is one of the destinations served by American Airlines' 737, I have been lucky enough to return to Grenada many times over the past decade plus.  I have been able to strike up conversations with many "locals" during my visits.  I've become aware that since the majority of Grenadians living today were born after the US invasion, many of today's Grenadian youth seem only vaguely aware of this aspect of their country's history.

Finally -- and hopefully without revealing any of Delta 7's secrets... some of the  characters in Delta 7 are members of the Royal Grenadian Police Force & Coast Guard.  In my actual experience they were all dedicated and hard-working men and women... and it was an honor and a privilege to meet and work with them.  Don't forget, Delta 7 is a work of fiction!

View of the international terminal from the apron
The Tyrrel Bay, mentioned in the novel. Crest of the RGPF